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Birgit Ellmerer - Voice Coach
Birgit Ellmerer
Voice Coach
Birgit Ellmerer - Voice Coach

«A confident, effective presentation – thanks to your voice»

– Birgit Ellmerer

Our voice determines how we are perceived by those around us. Voice coaching is therefore essential for people who speak frequently – be it in business, politics, work, or even in everyday life. Investing in your voice is worth it!

Voice Training in Bern with Birgit Ellmerer, Vocal Coach

Voice Training

The goal of voice training is to bring out a person's authentic vocal expression by optimising their speech and singing. Through targeted exercises, language production becomes more economical. When the articulation (the interplay of lips, tongue, and jaw opening) is refined, the result is relief of the strain on the larynx and better regulation of the breathing.

As the voice musculature is strengthened, the voice gradually gains in volume and endurance, and speaking becomes easier and more pleasant. Targeted individualised voice training develops the entire personality. This enhances self-assurance and linguistic presence, resulting in a more convincing effect.

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