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Birgit Ellmerer - Voice Coach
Birgit Ellmerer
Voice Coach
Birgit Ellmerer - Voice Coach

«Achieve a more pleasant voice through humour.»

– Birgit Ellmerer

«The voice is the interface of our personality»
– Birgit Ellmerer

Birgit Ellmerer, Stimmcoach, Bern (Portrait)

Astonishing! Only 5 hours of listening, breathing, singing, lip, and throat gymnastics were needed for the consciousness of the power of the voice, and its presence in the room, to be felt. Birgit's training worked on me holistically and what I have learned has stayed with me - the feedback I have gotten from my public has sent a clear message about how far I have come.

– Antje Kanngiesser, Head Group Management, BKW AG

Voice coach and singer Birgit Ellmerer has helped people develop their voice for more effective communication since 2004. She brings a wealth of knowledge and professional experience to her workshops and sessions, and a fine sense of humour. Birgit has trained with the best vocal coaches in Europe and over the years has developed her own, holistic approach to voice coaching. Her method encompasses not only the voice, but also physical movement, while further taking into account the personality and life situation of her clientele.

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